Column Strengthening For Additional Axial Load

This building has been changed from commercial to residential use. The initial structural investigations showed a very low compressive strength of the concrete in columns within the two storey building and this resulted in a request for carbon fibre strengthening of columns for proposed loads. There were 14 columns in total and strengthening was required to the perimeter columns for axial load. Fibrwrap UK carried out the design, supply and install of two layers of our Tyfo Fibrwrap Carbon Fibre Strengthening system in the hoop direction to all the columns. Works consisted of concrete repairs, surface preparation and carbon fibre wrapping, all works were complete in just 10 working days.

Shear Wall Strengthening For Hill House (Phase 2)

An 11 storey office block in North London is being converted into luxury residential apartments. Following the successful delivery of phase one of the project, Heyne Tillet Steel awarded Fibrwrap UK a further package of shear wall strengthening works at Hill House. Phase 2 of this extremely prestigious project for Fibrwrap UK is the strengthening of shear walls in the two main cores of this multi storey building. Using Tyfo Supr-Anchors to pass through slabs and staircases this extremely complicated FRP design has culminated in nearly 4000m2 of Tyfo Fibrwrap Carbon Fibre Strengthening System. We were very proud to be working on such a large project and believe this could be the largest FRP strengthening of a building in the UK to date.

Shear Wall Strengthening For Hill House (Phase 1)

An 11 storey office block in North London is being converted into luxury residential apartments. Heyne Tillet Steel contacted Fibrwrap UK with a request for several elements of carbon fibre strengthening. Phase 1 was the strengthening of floor slabs for service risers. Eleven large service risers needed to be cut in the labs at critical locations. Fibrwrap UK were responsible for the design supply and install of carbon fibre wrapping to replace cut reinforcement while forming the risers. In addition we were asked also to strengthen the shear walls within the building to allow the forming of new doorways. Fibrwrap UK also strengthened these walls using carbon fibre wrapping.

Carbon Fibre Strengthening for Retaining Wall – South Audley Street

McLaren Projects of London requested us to carry out Carbon Fibre Strengthening to a retaining wall on their exclusive residential project in Mayfair. The project included excavation below street level to allow for two underground car parks, a swimming pool and gymnasium and as such the retaining wall below street level required strengthening.

The proposed maximum bending moment in the horizontal direction of the wall as been determined by the clients engineer was 19.95kNm (un-factored). In order to accommodate this, an area of carbon fibre strengthening was calculated of 2no 200mm wide FRP fabric strips, they were applied at 400mm centres up the full height of the wall.

Concrete repairs and surface preparation was carried out by Fibrwrap UK before the application of the Carbon Fibre Strengthening, the whole scheme was finished in 3 weeks. Following completion of the FRP strengthening a layer of Tyfo CFP fire protection system for FRP was applied to the area.

Rib Beam and Block Strengthening – Barnsley General Hospital

Refurbishment of the maternity ward at Barnsley General Hospital included the allowance for 3 brand new birthing pools. Built in the 1970’s this concrete framed building had a beam and block floor construction and analysis showed they were not strong enough to carry the point load of the new birthing pools. Our design analysis results showed that these beams could be strengthened for additional flexure using our own unique Carbon Fibre Strengthening system, however due to the limited width of the beams our wet lay-up system was not feasible.

The chosen solution was to use our Tyfo Fibrwrap pre-cured laminate strips of 100 x 1.4mm secured with Tyfo TC resin to the top and bottom of the beams to strengthen them. For shear strengthening we carried out deep embedment of carbon fibre reinforcement bars inserted vertically into the top of the beams secured with Tyfo S resin. The works were carried out in 2 no 2 week phases in a live hospital.

Slab Strengthening for Construction Error – Galiford Try Construction

URS/Aecom requested us to carry out the design, supply and installation of our Carbon Fibre Strengthening to a car park slab in Willesden Green, London. For reasons we are not fully aware of the slab had been constructed with insufficient reinforcement in one particular section. The slab carries a roof top garden at first floor level as an extension to a mixed use new construction scheme, below the slab was the resident’s car park. 

Fibrwrap UK designed an FRP strengthening solution that replaced the missing strength, the carbon fibre strengthening system was applied in 600 mm strips to the underside of the slab with our patented Fibr-Anchors utilised for additional anchorage.

A 100m2 area of strengthening works were complete in 2 weeks, the FRP system was then protected against fire using Tyfo CFP system which took another week.

Carbon Fibre Strengthening – Merchant Taylor School

Merchant Taylor School in Northwood London is an independent day school for boy’s that was first established in 1561. Borras were awarded the contract to construct a new two-storey building and work began on site in March 2014. Fibrwrap UK was employed by Borras to rectify a lack of reinforcement at eight locations over columns in a slab within the existing building in December 2014. Three layers of carbon fibre fabric was designed an applied by Fibrwrap UK to the top of the slab in both directions at each column location. The works were completed in 8 days.

Beam Strengthening – Lancaster University

Eric Wright Construction are carrying out refurbishment work to the science block known as the Farraday Building at Lancaster University. This refurbishment includes the provision of a new plant room at roof level and this highlighted the requirement for strengthening works to the beams in this area. Fibrwrap UK were commissioned by EWC to strengthen 16 beams in 2 phases using our Carbon Fibre Wrap strengthening system. Phase 1 was complete in summer 2014 and was carried out in just 5 days.

Slab Strengthening – Swansea University Campus

Carbon Fibre Strengthening and Concrete Repair works were carried out at Swansea University. A brand new campus still under construction by Vinci suffered from a small fire within one of the pre-cast concrete accommodation blocks. Extensive damage was caused to the slabs that resulted in spalling concrete and loss of strength. Fibrwrap UK were commissioned by Keegan Pre-cast from Ireland to repair the concrete with a high strength polymer modified mortar and apply our Carbon Fibre strengthening system to replace the losses.

Cantilever Slab Strengthening – Fire Drill Towers, Suffolk

The Towers, built in the 1960s had been constructed with the reinforcement for the cantilevers in the wrong place and with insufficient support. The slabs were showing signs of failure on the cantilevers and at the aperture for the ladder access. Tyfo Fibrwrap Systems were designed and installed by Fibrwrap UK to the top and bottom surfaces