Structural rehabilitation of pumping station – Municipality of IJsselstein

A pumping station, due to exposure of high levels of H2S gas from several incoming pressure pipelines, suffered from concrete surface deterioration. FIbrwrap Netherlands provided a solution for rehabilitation and strengthening of the existing structure with the application of Tyfo Fibrwrap Systems. This enabled the owner to avoid high replacement cost and social disturbance in the long term.

The systems used comprised of Tyfo WP epoxy as primer for wet substrate, Tyfo WS epoxy for restoration of cross-section area, application of Tyfo Glass Fiber SEH-25A with Tyfo S Epoxy and finally Tyfo HCR as coating for protection for the whole rehabilitated surface against H2S gasses. The whole project was completed in only one day proving to be a cost effective solution and with minimum disturbance to the community.

Beam Strengthening for Shear – Heysham PS, Lancashire

Strengthening of a series of beams that support 2 drum screens used as sea intake for cooling water at Heysham Power Station. A recent survey found that the reinforcement within the bottom section of these beams was suffering from severe corrosion and the beams had become subsequently weak. Following repair of the reinforcement and concrete by a main contractor we have strengthened the beams for Shear by applying Tyfo CFRP fabrics in a U direction for the length of the beam, the surrounding concrete was then covered with a protective coating.

Column Strengthening – Runcorn Plant Cheshire

“O” Evaporator at INEOS Salt Plant was constructed in the 1960’s and has been in almost constant use ever since. The 300 tonne evaporator in question was in a highly congested area and due to its environment the support columns had become heavily corroded at the base.

The strengthening proposal was a combination of a high pressure grout system on the inside of the columns followed by a wrap system of our SEH Systems (glass) fibre with intermediate strips of our SCH Systems (Carbon) fibre. A final coat of paint was applied for aesthetics.