Bridge Deck Strengthening

Over 900m2 of Fibrwrap Carbon Fibre System was applied to the underside of this iconic bridge in Scarborough for North Yorkshire Council. For the select few that looked at the design of this bridge at tender stage they all said it couldn’t be done, Fibrwrap worked closely with the local bridge engineer and due to the superior capabilities of the Tyfo Systems we made it work. See overleaf for more information.

East Sussex Bridge Repair and Protection Scheme

Two highly important footbridges that form part of the very picturesque walks through East Sussex and are vital pieces of infrastructure for the local authority. Due to the locations of these two bridges, the piles were showing some signs of corrosion and delamination of the concrete, Fibrwrap carried out extensive repairs to the piles and wrapped them in Tyfo SEH Systems for added protection. The works were carried out from pontoons with lightweight materials given the remote locations.

Column Repair and Strengthening – Roadlink A69, Northumberland

12 bridge pier columns required concrete repairs and protection on the busy A69 in Northumberland. The piers were excavated to a depth of 0.5m below ground level. They were then cleaned and repaired using traditional concrete repair techniques. A long term protection system using Fibrwrap Systems (Fibre Reinforced Polymers) was then applied to the bottom 2m of the pier columns to protect from external corrosion and delamination.