Carbon Fibre Strengthening for additional loads in a Marine Environment

Installation of a new defence radar on the Shell Pier in Gosport highlighted a requirement for the repair and strengthening of a number of concrete pier columns in the splash zone at the end of the pier. Fibrwrap was appointed as principle contractor for the repair and strengthening project that also included diamond drilling and the installation of the superstructure that will carry the new radar. Fibrwrap has carried out specilaist surface preparations, concrete repairs, carbon fibre strengthening and protective coatings as part of the whole scheme.

Wood Beam Strengthening – Finger Jetty Pier, Portsmouth

The Finger Jetty at the Royal Navy Base in Portsmouth is a short jetty, approximately 20 meters in length by 4 meters wide, constructed of Greenheart timber and built circa 1970. It consists of two rows of 300mm x 300mm Greenheart timber piles that have been driven into the seabed.

Fibrwrap UK strengthened the 14 main piles that had suffered serious degradation from the environment by encasing them in pre-fabricated FRP jackets. The annular space between the jacket and pile was then filled with a high strength grout to increase the axial capacity. Finally a third layer of FRP was applied with Tyfo SW1-S (underwater epoxy) for additional hoop strength and protection. A percentage of the lateral braces were also wrapped with FRP and SW1S for protection.

“This project was a particularly challenging one, the very small, unpredictable tidal windows meant that our guys had to work short sharp shifts at all kinds of unsociable hours. However the job needed doing and our guys respect that fully – They’re a credit to us” Jamie Dempster (Managing Director UK)

Concrete Repairs and Erosion Prevention – Stub Pier, Royal Portbury Dock Bristol Phase II

The pier is situated in Royal Port Bury Dock Bristol constructed in the 1960s. Considering the exposure to severe elements associated with Britain’s west coast climate over many years the dock is in very good condition; however the Port Company at Bristol invests a lot of time and effort in ensuring their assets are well maintained. On the west stub pier the inspection engineers had noted a crack in the inner dock wall, being unsure whether it was a construction joint or not Fibrwrap UK were asked to provide remedial repair to the crack and protection from the water ingress using Tyfo Fibrwrap Systems.

Coastal Erosion Prevention – Royal Portbury Dock, Bristol 2013

The Stub Pier is situated at Royal Port Bury Dock Bristol, and many years of exposure to the severe elements associated with Britain’s west coast climate has taken its toll on the existing concrete pier columns. Constructed in the 1960s the design drawings tell us that originally the columns had been cast at a much larger size in comparison to what was specified.

Subsequently the erosion process caused by the sea had reduced the columns to approximately the size they should have been at construction. In addition the shape and size of the columns had become very irregular. The initial brief from the client was that they had assumed the columns were suitable in size and strength however they required protection from any further coastal erosion.

Fibrwrap Construction UK has provided a solution to repair and protect these columns using unique solutions of TYFO Fibrwrap Systems.

Beam Strengthening – Sluice Gate Structure, Norfolk.

The inlet sluice, which controls flood water from the river Cam and the Fens to the flood relief channel of King’s Lynn, was built in 1957. There are six simply supported concrete beams spanning between three towers that are showing signs of failure in both flexure and shear.

Fibrwrap UK strengthened these six beams using its unique Tyfo Advanced Fibrwrap Systems. The high strength, lightweight system is perfect for carrying out these kinds of repairs, which are difficult to access over water. The project took four weeks and was part of a full refurbishment contract by Birse Civils on behalf of The Environment Agency.

Crack Repairs and Environmental Protection – Bristol Port Company, London

Due to the great success in 2012 when we provided coastal erosion protection to 3 x smaller support columns, Bristol Port Company immediately saw the value in extending the life of these vital support columns at the entrance to the port at Avonmouth. The pier columns when cast where considerably larger than the reduced size of 10m high, 3m wide and 1m thick. To ensure no further erosion we wrapped these columns with Tyfo Systems epoxy. First we cleaned and re-shaped the columns by Hydro Blast and sprayed concrete, before wrapping the columns completely with two layers of Tyfo SHE system with Tyfo SW1-S Marine Epoxy.