Beam Strengthening – Sluice Gate Structure, Norfolk. | 24/06/2015

The inlet sluice, which controls flood water from the river Cam and the Fens to the flood relief channel of King’s Lynn, was built in 1957. There are six simply supported concrete beams spanning between three towers that are showing signs of failure in both flexure and shear.

Fibrwrap UK strengthened these six beams using its unique Tyfo Advanced Fibrwrap Systems. The high strength, lightweight system is perfect for carrying out these kinds of repairs, which are difficult to access over water. The project took four weeks and was part of a full refurbishment contract by Birse Civils on behalf of The Environment Agency.

Project: AG Wrights Sluice Gates

Location: Denver, Norfolk, UK

Client: Birse Civils on behalf of The Environment Agency.

Contract Duration: 4 weeks

Scope of Works: Shear Strengthening using Tyfo SHE-51A and Flexural Strengthening with Tyfo SCH41(S). Final coat of Polyurethane paint (2 coats)

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