Bridge Strengthening – Marradi, Italy | 24/06/2015

At this motorway bridge which is located near the city of Marradi, a series of cracks with trend parallel to the direction of the traffic were detected.

It was evident that structural upgrade of the bridge was required due to increased service loads. After the repair works of sealing the cracks it was decided to use FRP systems at the underside of the bridge in order to achieve this goal and also to protect the repaired area.

Fibrwrap Italia used a combination of Tyfo Fibrwrap systems (Tyfo SEH Glass Fibers and Tyfo Glass Composite anchors) and managed to perform the works in only one week. The project was carried out during winter season and measures such as heaters and covering of the application area were used to ensure the success of the FRP application.

The works were executed without any disturbance at the operation of the bridge thus, there was no need to close or alter traffic during works.

Project: Structural strengthening of Masonry Arched Bridge

Location: Marradi, Italy

Client: Provence of Florence

Contract Duration: 7 days

Scope of Works: Structural strengthening of bridge arches with FRP

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