Column and Beam Strengthening – The Italian Consulate, London | 22/06/2015

This building is situated in busy central London at Farringdon Street. The client had recently leased this building and wanted to upgrade it structurally so it can be used as the new Italian Consulate in London. The whole design process was done in Rome Italy, by Italian Architects and Designers. The main contractor has to execute the designed solution here in UK. The main contractor was not familiar with FRP and its application. The main contractor contacted Fibrwrap UK’s specialist application and design team to help them out in FRP applications. Fibrwrap UK took the charge and used unique Tyfo Strengthening systems to execute the designed requirements.

Fibrwrap UK used the special Tyfo SCH Fibre Anchors (Super anchors) to connect the columns on different floors and to do the shear strengthening of beams.

Project: Harper House London.

Client: Italian Consulate, London

Contract Duration: August/September 2012

Scope of Works: Strengthening of Composite (Concrete & Steel) Columns and Beams using Unique Tyfo Fibrwrap Strengthening Systems.

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