Column Strengthening – Runcorn Plant Cheshire | 24/06/2015

“O” Evaporator at INEOS Salt Plant was constructed in the 1960’s and has been in almost constant use ever since. The 300 tonne evaporator in question was in a highly congested area and due to its environment the support columns had become heavily corroded at the base.

The strengthening proposal was a combination of a high pressure grout system on the inside of the columns followed by a wrap system of our SEH Systems (glass) fibre with intermediate strips of our SCH Systems (Carbon) fibre. A final coat of paint was applied for aesthetics.

Project: INEOS Salt.

Location: Runcorn Plant Cheshire

Client: INEOS Enterprise

Contract Duration: 3 weeks

Scope of Works: Grouts strengthening of hollow steel columns, Hydro cleaning and CFRP strengthening with GFRP protection coatings.

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