Stone Lintel Strengthening – Acre Mills Hospital, Huddersfield | 22/06/2015

Acre Mills in Huddersfield is a listed structure that was once used as a steel wire mill owned by Joseph Sykes and Sons. The building dates back to late 1700 and is currently being refurbished for the NHS, some of the original large stone lintels were found to have cracked through them and in the interest of retaining these lintels the conservation department asked Fibrwrap UK if we could strengthening them. After some brief calculations we proposed a technique called NSM (Near Surface Mounting) of CFRP strips this method of cutting slots in the soffit of the lintels and installing the Tyfo CFRP strips with Epoxy Resin inside was considered an honest repair and following curing we filled the remainder of slot with a coloured epoxy to match the existing.

Project: Stone Lintel Strengthening Acre Mills Hospital

Location: Huddersfield

Client: Henry Boot Construction

Contract Duration: 2 weeks

Scope of Works: Strengthening of Original Stone Lintels with NSM Technique

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