Through the use of FRP systems, Fibrwrap UK can improve the performance of a building. The high strength to weight ratio of composite materials allow for significant increase in performance, without adding additional dead load to the structure.

Structural upgrades
The Tyfo® Fibrwrap® System can be used to improve the load carrying capacity of a building. Additional shear and flexural capacity can be added to beams, columns, slabs and walls. The Tyfo® AFP System can be used to provide UL tested hourly fire ratings when required.

Construction errors
The Tyfo® Fibrwrap® System can be used to restore the original design strength of a building when construction errors have resulted in structural deficiencies. This includes missing or misplaced rebar, low concrete strength, or inadequate concrete cover.

Change of use
When load demands increase in a building, the Tyfo® Fibrwrap® System can be used to provide additional load carrying capacity. Strengthening applications include the addition of high capacity filing systems, computer servers, heavy machinery, HVAC equipment, removal of bays and the addition of new openings.

Rehabilitation of corroded or distressed members
Buildings that are exposed to aggressive environments degrade over time. Overloading can also cause structural damage. The Tyfo® Fibrwrap® System is used to restore lost capacity. These materials are extremely durable and are not susceptible to future degradation than other more traditional repair methods.

Historic preservation
The low profile, minimal impact of the Tyfo® Fibrwrap® System makes it an ideal strengthening and retrofit method for historic structures. A variety of coatings are available to match the existing appearance of the building. The Tyfo® Basalt EP fabrics, in conjunction with a RC matrix, may be used to repair historic structures while preserving their appearance.

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