Manhole Refurbishment

Manholes can be defined as a confined space and can suffer from both neglect and a serious chemical attack from hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S). Once H2S has formed, it has the ability to corrode various materials in sewer constructions, resulting in the need for refurbishment. Refurbishing your Manhole chamber with Fibrwrap Systems provides a long-term, durable solution that is proven to add value, extend life and reduce maintenance to your asset.

Problems that lead to manhole degradation

  • Low flow rates – these can lead to large amounts of gas being formed
  • Stagnant water – can be the catalyst to chemical reactions between water and oxygen
  • Hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S) – problems can arise from odour and corrosion
  • Ground water penetration (negative pressure)

Manholes that have suffered from years of neglect or chemical attack can be completely refurbished with a high-quality Fibrwrap lining, avoiding the costly inconvenience of replacing the whole manhole chamber and periodic maintenance.

What to expect from Fibrwrap Systems

  • Leak tight to protect from manhole water infiltration
  • Chemical resistant to avoid degradation
  • Smooth to avoid trapping debris that causes re-occurring blockages within the system

Products and services we offer

  • Hydrogen Sulphide gas (H2S) resistant manhole liners
  • Chemical Resistant Coatings that are resistant to a range of trade effluent and chemicals
  • Defective manhole restorations and lining system rebuilds
  • Leakage resistant and water infiltration solutions
  • Environmentally friendly solutions

All of our workers are familiar with the risks associated with working in contact with wastewater in confined spaces.

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