Pipeline & Liquid Storage

Water transmission lines or large diameter pressure pipes are strengthened using the Fibrwrap system either internally or externally. Decades of continuous service of large diameter buried pressure pipelines have led to deterioration that threatens the structural integrity of these lines. Pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) are in a state of distress due to the loss of steel wires due to corrosion and other factors. Similarly, reinforced concrete pressure pipes, steel and ductile iron pipelines are also in need of structural renewal for extended service. Our patented process has been successfully utilized worldwide for over a decade to rehabilitate many miles of pipelines ranging in diameter from 36-inch – 201-inch.

In addition to replacing the structural performance of existing PCCP, RC and steel pipes, they can also be used to upgrade other pressure vessels, such as storage tanks.

Strengthening methods include…

  • Increase Available Hoop Stress (increase internal pressure capacity)*
  • Leak Remediation and Prevention
  • Protection from Corrosion and Replacing Strength Lost Due to Corrosion
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Increase Bending Strength
  • Increase Compression Strength Due to External Loading
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